• We recognise that the business we have built over the years is not just about designing great living spaces, it is about building trustworthy relationships with our stakeholders. This has been fundamental to our business growth. We are constantly pushing boundaries in designing practical yet innovative homes as we believe in making a positive difference in the lives of our customers and consumers. We also demonstrate accountability, integrity and honesty across all our operations and interactions.

    As we make progress on our transformation plan, there will be more emphasis on practicing positive values in both our professional and personal capacities. We also host our annual Customer Appreciation Gala Dinner and Business Partners Engagement Party to further cultivate good relations and understand their needs better. Guided by our SkyWorld Core Values and Strengths, we will continue to foster these shared values throughout our organisation.

  • At SkyWorld, we believe our best asset is our talent pool. To harness the best talent and work within a lean and effective team, SkyWorld has a Staff Engagement Programme in place. The Programme strives to provide a conducive work environment that fosters good teamwork, builds long-term relationships, encourages creative yet effective ideas, drives empowerment and most importantly, allows them to excel in their professional careers. The Programme helps ensure that we not only attract and retain talent but also nurture our people by providing fulfilling career opportunities.

    Team unity is further strengthened through staff engagements and events such as Top Down Gatherings, Town Hall meetings, and Staff Workshop, which saw an overwhelming participation and positive response all round.

  • Established in 2016, the Yayasan SkyWorld or SkyWorld Foundation was inspired by the many years of Datuk Ng Thien Phing's anonymous philanthropic initiatives. Through this Foundation, the Datuk Ng aspires to establish a Trust dedicated not only to engage with the community at large but to also improve the lives of underprivileged communities.

    The aim of the trust is to enhance the living experience of the communities by encouraging better literacy and education, promoting better health and wellbeing, reducing poverty, improving community infrastructure and providing financial and support to the needy. The SkyWorld Foundation is for the benefit of all Malaysians, irrespective of age, race and religion.

  • Guided by our core values and our strengths (brand pillars), our goal is to embed green architecture and environmental footprint into all our integrated developments in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and promotes respect for the natural environment. By focusing on green architecture and sustainability practices, we have introduced a sustainable ecosystem that includes landscaped features, water features, climate control as well as energy efficient designs. All our developments are compliance to the Green Building Index (GBI). For example, SkyLuxe On The Park @ Bukit Jalil and Bennington Residences @ SkyArena offers LED lights, inverter lifts, and rainwater harvesting systems. In addition, Bennington also provides an automated waste management system where garbage is sucked to a central facility, thus minimising air pollution, improve hygiene level and maintain effective control system.