At SkyWorld, we believe a strong brand positioning and brand presence will benefit the SkyWorld Group and its customers in the long term. A strong brand conveys stability and assurance as well as promotes growth, which in turn helps the company to succeed. These factors also contribute to achieving higher capital appreciation for our shareholders and our property purchasers.

To effectively craft a strong brand persona, we have identified four key elements that are in line with our overall business strategy and our corporate vision. These elements provide us with a clear direction that translates seamlessly into an effective action plan. As an emerging property developer, we recognise our brand’s growth will be organic as well. As such, it is important to clearly define the elements of our brand persona but at the same time be open to change as the company evolves and our community grows.

Our goal is to be a city-centric specialist developer, both locally and internationally. To achieve this, we must be able to generate long-term value through the creation of successful, sustainable residential communities where people aspire to live.

Our Vision & Mission

SkyWorld is founded on one single vision – to be the best city developer by providing the ultimate Sky Living experience in a sustainable environment.

We aspire to enhance the Living Experience of City Communities.

Our Definition

We are in the business of transforming the city skyline by providing innovative Sky Living experience in a sustainable environment.

Our Core Values

At SkyWorld, to grow organically, we believe our best asset is our talent pool. We encourage the three main practices to further elevate our effective management style and promote growth.