KL Property | Understanding the art of QLASSIC and CONQUAS

A number of KL Property developers are in support of both QLASSIC and CONQUAS systems to assure property buyers the utmost quality they offer to the public.


In the very competitive industry of property development and investment, more and more KL property developers are working harder to provide the market not just beautiful homes but safe and reliable ones. It is something that is practiced not just in Asia but across all countries in the world.

In Malaysia, the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) which oversees Malaysia’s construction industry developed a system called QLASSIC which stands for Quality Assessment System for Building Construction Works.

Based on the Construction Hamid Industry Standards (CIS), the QLASSIC evaluates the quality of all workmanship in Malaysia which includes building homes, condominiums in KL or any type of KL property. Through methods of inspection, sampling and field testing, the system assesses all the aspects of construction – architectural, mechanical, external and structural.

The QLASSIC system is similar to that of Singapore’s CONQUAS which is developed by the Building Construction Authority (BCA).

CIS’ main objective is to provide the industry their very own guideline to measure the quality of construction by different KL property developers – to ensure safe and reliable condominiums and new houses for sale in KL and the rest of the Malaysia.

A lot of property developers in Malaysia already in support of the QLASSIC system. In fact, SkyWorld has made QLASSIC part of their mandatory procedure, and they have their own project audit team to keep track of their KL property projects and make sure they adhere to the QLASSIC standards before the official QLASSIC assessment.

Other than QLASSIC assessment, SkyWorld has adapted Singapore’s CONQUAS system in one of their project in Bukit Jalil, SkyLuxe On the Park.

It is safe to say that both QLASSIC and CONQUAS systems are taking things to a new level in this competitive industry of real estate investing and with the help of these two systems, the public will be rest assured when buying a new property in KL.