5 Reasons why you should eye KL property developer SkyWorld

Know about KL property developer SkyWorld and discover the reasons why it is the best developer if you’re looking to purchase a KL property soon.


Deciding to get into real estate investing, but what are the important elements you will need to look into to ensure it is the right property for you? Choosing everything that will work best for you, from the location to who is the developer, and the type of investment you should have – should it be a new condo in KL or a landed house at the sub-urban?

If your wishlist is to own a  KL property, continue reading as we give you more insight on why SkyWorld is the best KL Property Developer you should choose?

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when you are planning to Buying a house or a new condo in KL.

What makes SkyWorld the right property developer for you?

1. Affordable price

SkyAwani, a KL property by SkyWorld Development Sdn Bhd falls under the affordable housing program. It is a CSR Initiative by SkyWorld for first time home buyers or low income families who wish to purchase a KL property with a price of RM300,000 each unit. This popular and award-winning ‘Awani’ series has made headlines and cemented its position to become a must-owned KL Property for first time home buyers – given its extraordinary value of good price, practical layout and full-fledged condominium facilities.

2. Quality assured – QLASSIC

QLASSIC is a system developed by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) which is use as a basis in evaluating the quality of properties built in Malaysia. In this system, every property built is inspected through sampling and field testing, making sure that properties adhere to the standards set by CIDB. This assures buyers the outstanding quality of the KL property you’re purchasing. Needless to say, all properties of SkyWorld will go through the rigorous inspection of QLASSIC by CIDB.

3. Easy access/transportation

Aside from the price and quality, another factor to take into consideration before buying a house or condo will be the easy access to public transportation. Convenience is of the utmost importance when buying a KL Property. SkyWorld properties are built in prime locations, giving home owners easy access to navigate through the neighbourhood. Aside from being accessible to public transportation, SkyWorld ensures that new condos in KL are surrounded by amenities such as retail shops, hospitals, schools and other entertainment options.

4. Value added / ROI

As mentioned earlier, SkyWorld properties are built in prime locations with easy access to the city’s transportation as well as entertainment and business centres. This makes it a great deciding factor for those who are looking for a pace to stay or for short-term and long-term investments. Properties in prime locations can guarantee a fast return of investment because this is a great deciding factor for city dwellers who are looking for a convenient property to buy or stay.

5. Reputable developer

Apart from the above, it is very important to ensure the property you are buying is build by a reputable developer. Make sure you do a proper research and ensure that the said developer can deliver on time with high standard quality. It’s easy to say goodbye to your hard-earned money when you choose an incompetent developer. Avoid this mistake and do your research. SkyWorld has been in the property development business since 2008 and has built a name for itself in the property development industry. Its integrated development, SkyArena @ Setapak was launched in 2014 and its first parcel ‘Ascenda Residence’ recorded 98% take-up. SkyWorld’s following project, SkyAwani Residence achieved 100% sales. SkyWorld continues its upward trend by unveiling SkyLuxe On The Park and Bennington Residences recording over 94% take-up, doubling its revenue within a year. In 2017, SkyWorld unveiled its second phase of affordable home, SkyAwani 2, and it was fully snapped up.

For years, SkyWorld has worked its way up, building its track record, doubling its revenue and building its own identity as one of Malaysia’s reputable city developer while embarking its goal to transform a sustainable environment and enhance the living experience of the city communities.

For more information about SkyWorld or the new upcoming KL properties launch, please visit http://skyworld.my.