KL Condo: SkyAwani series gives a new meaning to urban living


When thinking to buy property, whether a house or a new condo, what should we consider? Of course, you wouldn’t want to put your money to waste, right? Apart from its layout and facilities, there are many other factors we should take into consideration.

Some buyers may look past the amenities and settle for what’s affordable, not thinking of the other things you should look into. Looking for a KL property for sale that has all the good ingredients but yet affordable may seem impossible, and this is where SkyAwani becomes the game changer.

If you are interested in knowing more about SkyAwani, continue reading as we list down the reasons why SkyAwani is the perfect dream home for you!


If you are buying a house or a new condo, you take into consideration of its geographical aspect – its location and accessibility. As part of enhancing your living experience, the SkyAwani series is strategically located at different areas within the Kuala Lumpur city. The first project under this affordable series is SkyAwani 1, a mixed development at Sentul. Its close proximity to major highways enable easy access to public transportations. SkyAwani 2 comprises of residential homes, SOVO suites and retail shoplots is located at Off Jalan Ipoh and the recently launched SkyAwani 3 at Setapak is surrounded by mature neighbourhoods with abundant amenities and a merely 5km away to KL city centre.



The second consideration when buying a condo is the facilities. Even though SkyAwani is an affordable KL Property, its facilities are not at stake. Promising you a good quality of living and affordability without compromising the facilities is what SkyAwani offers. With a selling price of RM375 per square foot, you can enjoy a comprehensive full condo facilities. SkyAwani 3 Residences features Malaysia’s very first and longest sky gardens with 3 inter-connected 51-storey towers complimented by over 20 facilities. To name a few, these facilities include bubble jets jacuzzi, swimming pool, splash kids pool, basketball court, gym, BBQ Pavilion, jogging track, kids integrated play, which are ideal for people of all ages. SkyAwani series is definitely an ideal KL property to consider.


The aspect of space gets in the way especially if you are looking for a KL condo that can accommodate you and your family. The SkyAwani series offers a comfortable layout of open plan living and dining for more practicality and flexibility to accommodate a modern lifestyle that suits any single individual or a family. With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, SkyAwani is a great real estate investment for young married couples or small family.



Home is a place where you should feel safe and secure, especially in a KL Condo where you live with a community of people within the same building. SkyAwani offers you peace of mind with its advanced 3-tier security system. When you choose a SkyAwani home, the assurance of your safety is observed and tops the priority.


The quality workmanship of a property has become very important for home purchasers. QLASSIC (Quality Assessment System in Construction) developed by Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB) is a system or method used in Malaysia to assess the workmanship quality of a building. Despite being an affordable home, SkyAwani1 has achieved 76% highest QLASSIC score for RUMAWIP. SkyWorld has pledged its quality commitment where all its SkyAwani series will achieve a QLASSIC rating, ensuring its home purchasers the quality of property they invest in.   


SkyAwani is part of SkyWorld’s CSR Initiatives to help first time home buyers to own a home. With only RM300,000, you can own a KL condo that comes with a  full-fledge of facilities without compromising on quality and aesthetics. The award-winning SkyAwani series is truly one-of-its-kind KL condo that boasts all the perfect ingredients…price, location, quality and aesthetic.