SkyWorld Quality Centre: Learn what to eye on when buying KL property



Part of SkyWorld’s mission is to build quality KL property that would provide you the ultimate sky living experience. SkyWorld has always been passionate in building quality homes and that is why they have invested RM3.8 million in the SkyWorld Quality Centre, the first of its kind in Malaysia to raise the bar on building excellence and to share the knowledge of certified workmanship with potential buyers in real estate investing.

SkyWorld Quality Centre does not only serve as a training centre for its staffs and contractors, but also a sharing hub for its business associates, home purchasers and the general public who wants to learn more about quality workmanship and details you need to pay attention to when buying a house or any KL property. Furthermore, it is also intended to educate everyone the rights and responsibilities of the owner when buying a KL Property.


SkyWorld firmly believes in quality being the – fundamental right of every homeowner, builder of trust and delivers value, and creator of followers not just buyers. With this, SkyWorld has invested in the quality centre as a proof of its quality commitment in upholding its values and standards. These values and standards are the keys to being a responsible KL property developer in building and enhancing the living experience of the community in a sustainable environment.

Putting in their hearts to achieve the company’s mission, SkyWorld helps potential KL property home buyers in identifying a good and bad quality property. With SkyWorld knowing what makes a good property, the centre is a proof of how the KL property developer is being committed in giving you a quality home.


Being a responsible KL property developer, SkyWorld would also encourage you to take part in being a responsible homeowner. With this, SkyWorld conducts tours in the quality centre. To enhance your knowledge when you buy property, the tour includes live demo to show participants on how to check the defects using professional tools or substitution tools. To impose additional awareness, the tour also allows participants to see and feel the real defect and to detect the defects with the tools. This centre is divided into different zones such as the living room, bedroom, yard, balcony, kitchen, staircase, bathroom and you will get to learn about the common defects which can be found in your home.

In boosting the quality of living, SkyWorld doesn’t only provide you a better home but also a better understanding when buying a new condo or investing in a KL property. SkyWorld Quality Centre gives you an experience where you can learn to be more meticulous in examining a property if you are interested in real estate investing. It also promotes to home purchasers what are the things to consider when buying a new condo in KL apart from the price and its aesthetical aspect.



Gaining proper knowledge on the quality workmanship would ensure you that the property you buy is worth the money you’ve invested in. To join SkyWorld Quality Tour, please visit for more information.