KL Condo: Convenience through SkyWorld Connect App



The real estate has been growing fast for the past years, with numerous new condo in KL or KL property you can invest in. Throughout these years, the evolution of technology has also been evident. Modernization can be observed in different aspects of living and many people are being adaptive to these changes. True enough that the technology has made our lives easier. Through technology, we can communicate with others in just a simple click or tap. It also saves time by having things in just a click away.

With this, the world of real estate investing has adapted to the modern changes in technological aspect. Most of the people today have smartphones and SkyWorld, a KL property developer saw this opportunity they can take advantage of.

Putting SkyWorld’s mission which is to enhance the living experience for the community, they have soft launched an app for those who buy property from them. Before, residents would need to go to the management office to raise certain concerns or issues but with this app, you can do it anytime, anywhere through your phone.

SkyWorld Connects App provides you the convenience when owning a KL condo. Through the app, you will have an enhanced sky living experience with SkyWorld. The app is said to be a platform for effective and efficient communication between SkyWorld residents, its management, and security team.

As a homeowner that owns a KL condo with SkyWorld, transactions can happen through your smartphone. To know more about the app and its features, continue reading below.



Promising you a new concept of living not only within the property itself but also with convenience in living in it as well, SkyWorld has created the app to save time and enhance the effectivity of communication. Being a customer-centric developer, SkyWorld wants its cu

stomers to enjoy the ultimate Sky Living experience in a secure and hassle-free environment and this is made possible with SkyWorld Connects App. For more information about SkyWorld Connects, contact us at customercare@skyworld.my