SkyWorld: 5 Interior Design Tips for your KL Condo


After several tries of looking for the perfect KL property, you’ve finally purchased your own KL condo, congratulations! Now, the fun part begins – designing the space and decorating it! While it is easy to hire a professional interior designer to beautify your home, not everyone has the budget to do so hence they are more likely to decorate it themselves. But no worries because you can still make your own space look its best while adding some personal touch by following these important interior design tips for KL condo living.



Let’s keep it real! One of the main concerns in purchasing a new condo instead of buying a new house is the limited space a condo has. As compared to a spacious landed property, condo living means a smaller working space for you.

Since space is important, maximize it by choosing furnitures that can have multiple purposes. When you shop for furnitures, opt for a bed with storage underneath to avoid bulky shelves taking up too much space in your bedroom. Buy a side table with a shelf in the bottom so it can serve as storage space for stuffs like magazines or other important things.



When you buy an apartment, it is usually bare hence it may seem spacious enough at first but once you’ve added in the furnitures and appliances, that’s when you’ll realize the limited space you have. Partitions play an important role in making your space look smaller or bigger.

When you have a solid wall separating the living room and the dining room, it makes the space look cramped. A better way to separate these two spaces is by using storage solutions as partitions. For example, you can have an open bookshelf to place in between. This way, you can also decorate it with other pieces, place books or picture frames.



Lightings can make your KL condo look spacious or small – depending on how the lights are set up. A poorly-lit condo can often look smaller than it actually is. Make sure to have proper lighting in your unit, especially the kitchen and study area. It is also advisable to maximize the natural light source so if you have windows, avoid using furnitures that can block the daylight. This helps to save electricity since you don’t need to turn on the lights as often if you have enough natural light source in your condo.


When you want to buy property, you consider all the decision-making factors. The same goes to when buying things for your home. Firstly, ask yourself if it is practical and if it will be used for a long time. Nowadays, there are pieces that you might want to buy just because it looks pretty or sophisticated, so think carefully. When buying furnitures for your home, make sure they are of good quality because long lasting furnitures help you save money!



A home is a place where you want to feel most comfortable at. So, when designing your new condo, it is best to add in your own style but do ensure it is not over-decorated.  If you have kids at home, make sure you don’t have too many things occupying the space or you’ll feel confined and uncomfortable. Maintaining the decorations and style of your home is pretty challenging too. That is why you should go for minimalist style or any contemporary designs which are simple because design trends come and go.