Living in Kuala Lumpur is now affordable! - A Guide on Finding the Most Affordable KL Condo in Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur or fondly called as KL by the locals is a city with mixed modern sky-rises and historical buildings. The city is becoming more and more developed with skyscrapers, numerous KL condo, busy streets, fashion hubs, historical sites, and parks. Nowadays, it is one of the most sought-after places by tourists and expats who would want to settle down in Asia.

Because of its continuous growth and easily adaptation to the concept of modernity, it has become the heart of Malaysia’s economic and business development. With that, KL has the highest value in the real estate market of Malaysia making it a promising place for property investment.

With this, many buildings and KL condo are constructed around the city making it seem like it is impossible to be a homeowner in the city and leaving others thinking that prices of KL properties are expensive. Despite its fast-paced progress and being the main economy hub in Malaysia, living in Kuala Lumpur is still affordable.

KL is one of the cities that could give you a good quality of life without breaking the bank. Here comes SkyWorld, breaking the myth that KL properties are expensive to own. Properties such as the SkyAwani Series by SkyWorld is the proof that you can own a KL condo that has an exquisite facilities at an affordable price of RM300,000. This SkyAwani series is composed of three properties - SkyAwani at Sentul, SkyAwani2 at Off Jalan Ipoh and SkyAwani 3 at Setapak. All these 3 KL properties are strategically located for all your convenience!

Apart from the SkyAwani Series, there are also other properties offered by SkyWorld which are made affordable for the urbanites. Check out SkyMeridien Residences located at Sentul and The Valleys @ SkySierra at Setiawangsa. These 2 charming projects will become the most sought after properties for those who are buying to stay in or as investment with a low entry price. Additionally, SkyMeridien Residences is located 300m away from Sentul Timur LRT station and can be easily accessible via covered walkway whereas The Valleys @ SkySierra is located next to AEON AU2 store and shopping centre for all your shopping conveniences.

Whenever you are buying a house, ensure you get the best deal! SkyWorld ensures living comfortably in a KL condo that is value for price! For more information about SkyWorld and its projects, you may visit