Your Guide to the Perfect Home - The Importance of Checking for Defects in Your KL Property


Congratulations for purchasing a new house! Finally you have received the keys to your new house, so what’s next? Decorating it? Renovating it? No, definitely not but checking for building defects!

Checking for building defect is a step where many have overlooked due to the excitements of decorating or renovating the house rightaway or simply because they are lack of awareness or knowledge in building defects and defect liability period. Spend more time to check on the workmanship of your property and ensure all defects are identified and rectified before you proceed with renovation or moving in.

Checking for defects won’t cause you much time only if you know where to look for defects and how to identify it. Do you know there are 7 elements to check within your house which includes floor, wall, ceiling, windows, doors, fittings and basic M&E?

The lack of knowledge in identifying defects is one of the reasons why SkyWorld has invested RM3.8 million in a Quality Centre to educate home buyers about the workmanship of KL property. To give you further knowledge about building defects, the tour in the Quality Centre includes tutorial videos and live demo on how to check the defects using professional tools or everyday items. Visitors are encouraged to touch and feel the real defects and ask questions pertaining to building defects for a better understanding.

SkyWorld understands that owning a house is very difficult. Sometimes, in a person’s life, he or she can only afford to own only one house. Therefore, SkyWorld will always uphold quality as the cornerstone of its brand, so that you can enjoy your home for generations to come. With that, SkyWorld will ensure all its projects will be certified to Qlassic or Conquas standards.  

If you want to learn about building defects and how to identify it, please visit SkyWorld Quality Centre. For more information about SkyWorld and its quality commitment, please visit