Live outside the box here at SkyBlox, Setapak's first and latest container-inspired co-living in the park! From temporary lodge to experiencing the urban life, SkyBlox offers two types of living spaces to accommodate the different lifestyle needs.

All things good and urbanely chic await you at your Blox home! Be part of this vibrant community, and we are sure you will enjoy every minute of it.

flexi-living cashless parking hassle free communal spaces 5km to city center gated and guarded park facilities

Fully Furnished:
Single Bed | Study Table & Chair | Wardrobe | Air-conditioner | Attached Bathroom with Water Heater | Free Wi-Fi

Fully Furnished:
Queen Size Bed/ Double Decker | Study Table & Chair | Wardrobe | Air-conditioner |
Electric Hob with Mini Refrigerator* | Attached Bathroom with Water Heater | Free Wi-Fi
*Terms & Condition Apply


Sky Sanctuary Central Park

Skyblox Room Gallery

Single Room
Bunker Room
Queen Room
Ladies's Room

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Do I need to pay any deposit? +

Yes, we require a 0.5-month deposit only.

How are the utilities calculated?+

Utilities is calculated fair & square. Each room comes with its own smart metre.

Is the room fully furnished?+

YES. You will only need to bring your personal belongings, i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, bedsheet, slippers and etc.

Any other fee?+

We do charge a one-off registration fee of RM 350.

Do I have to pay for parking?+

We do rent out parking spots. Do reach out to us and we are happy to assist.

Stay more than 1 person in a room?+

It depends on the room size. Most rooms are designed for two people and may incur a small additional pax charge.

Can we negotiate on the price?+

Most price are fixed, and we want you to know that you are receiving the best price in the market. However, feel free to check with our room consultants!

Cleaning provided?+

Yes! Free cleaning of common area only.

Am I responsible for changing the lightbulbs or any other repairs work?+

Our in-house maintenance team is there to fix anything from a lightbulb to a chair leg and anything in between. If you encounter any problems, please let us know and we are happy to assist you.

Can I cook?+

Yes. in fact we encourage you to cook and share! Cooking is allowed to only lightmedium cooking. Clean up after cooking and eating in the kitchen communal area.

Housemates - who am I staying with?+

We filter our tenants strictly to ensure that everyone who are here does not pose any threat or danger. Our room consultants will also inspect all co-living spaces every now and then. Reach out to us if you have any concerns; we will be pleased to help.

Pets allowed?+

Unfortunately, most furry pets are not allowed.

Can I decorate my room?+

It is not recommended to hammer or stick anything on the wall. Tenants will be responsible for paying landlords for any damage they create

What is the length of tenancy?+

The minimum length for stay is 6 months.

Is there a curfew?+

Tenants must minimize noise levels to ensure a peaceful environment for everyone. The noise level must be in place from 11PM to 5.30AM.


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