SkyLuxe is designed with earth’s elements to form a prestigious community amidst some of Bukit Jalil’s greenest spots. It is where Nature and man-made marvels coexist for an impressive and indulgent living experience.

Bee Hive

SkyLuxe adopts the elements of the beehive within its terraces, the same way bees build strong and immaculate structures for their homes.
Spider Web

Like the spider that spins its first thread and consistently builds upon it, the lower intermediate floor creates a firm foundation to ensure SkyLuxe’s lasting strength.
Bird Nest

A house is not just brick and mortar. Inspired by the bird’s patience and attention to detail, SkyLuxe is a delightful nest you can call home, with every promise of warmth, comfort and safety.
Ant Colony

Taking a hint from the ants’ excellent organisational behaviour, there are clear directions and a well-planned system to encourage a smooth flow from the entrance to the car park.
Butterfly Chrysalis

The chrysalis encapsulates nature’s finest evolution  – a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Such beauty represents the lifestyle you can have here, which you’ll have to experience to believe.