This is true! SkyWorld spends millions of ringgit to build gorgeous show units to impress its customers but these beautiful show units will only last a number of years before it will be demolished for the next project. Because every project has its own uniqueness, you will never get to visit the show unit with the same look and feel twice! So, what happens to all the furniture, furnishings, decorative items, lightings, appliances and others?


This year, SkyWorld Development Group continues to take its efforts in corporate social responsibility to new heights with its latest initiative, #Bid4Good. This innovative #Bid4Good campaign was created in hopes of boosting public awareness on the growing needs of underprivileged homes in the Klang Valley while encouraging fellow Malaysians and the public to lend a helping hand through a simple act of bidding. #Bid4Good is a charity drive where all items showcased in the show unit will be Up for Bid for a Good Cause. A win-win situation that benefits all parties, bidders get to purchase home items at a low price and at the same time, doing others good whereas the needy will be benefited through the funds raised.


Bidders are invited to our property gallery on a weekend to view the furniture and appliances such as sofa, bed, dining tables, dining chairs, fridge and etc. All items will be tagged with a Reserve price and during the bidding session, bidders will raise their bidding cards and name their price. The highest bid wins.  


Calling all kind hearted Malaysians and public, come and join our #Bid4Good charity drive where bidding is never this meaningful. However, we only want genuine and generous bidders because this is a CSR Initiatives where all funds raised will be channelled to those in need. To make this charity drive even more meaningful, every ringgit raised from the public will be doubled up. SkyWorld will pledge to match the amount in hope to raise more funds for the needy! Give the needy hope, that’s what an auction fundraiser can do! And if you bid high, they will have a brighter future!


Click here for the full list of ‘Bidding’ items and ‘Direct Purchase’ items:


Date :  30th June 2019 

Time :  9am to 2pm (Bidding time starts at 12pm)

Venue :  SkyWorld Property Gallery @ Bukit Jalil, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 4, 57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.