You & I campaign encapsulates the true essence of SkyWorld as a customer-centric company.
Through this campaign, we are looking to further amplify our commitment to our customers, as customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

You' represents customers and 'I' represents SkyWorld.
Together, You & I are making great things happen by giving "Living" a whole new meaning.

As a customer-centric organization, we only


We vow to make your big day a memorable one hence,
We walk you through the abode with pleasant smiles


Journey to a new home is long and painful therefore during the key collection day,
we want to make it a memorable one! We provide personalized HOVP to all our valued purchasers.
We bring them to tour the facilities, car park bays, walk them into their units, go through the checklist and teach them how to submit defects using SkyWorld Connects App.

We Believe Living Should Be As Simple As It Can Be,
Hence We Create A Platform Where Your Fingers Can Do Wonders


Skyworld Connects you to all
sorts of conveniences

SkyWorld Connects app, an innovative and user-friendly application specially created for SkyWorld homeowners that serves as a dedicated platform for effective and efficient communications between SkyWorld owners and residents, management, and its security team.

Some of the features include key collection appointments, defects submission, facilities booking, advance visitor registration, useful contacts and many more.


We Aspire To Make Your 'Moving-IN' An Enjoyable Process
So We Get In The Best and You Enjoy The Rest

An innovative feature in SkyWorld Connects app that connects SkyWorld homebuyers with the home solutions traders.
Solution+ provide conveniences to SkyWorld homebuyers with a wide range of move-in necessities such as Interior design and renovation, furniture, home appliances, telco services, movers and rental services….all within their fingertips!

Thanks to Crowd Deal, our homebuyers get to enjoy great savings and special packages.


We Want You To Be Part Of Our Home Making Process
So We Can Create Our Future Together

Making Homes Better, TOGETHER

When we build our property, we always imagine how it would benefit the owners. We first ask ourselves if our innovative ideas increase efficiency & maximize convenience hence it is very important to understand house buyers’ mindset and the market demands.

SkyCraft is a co-creation platform that facilitates public engagement to understand the needs and requirement of homebuyers where analysed datas will be further incorporated into our upcoming developments.


Finally, We Build and Nurture Relationships With You Because You Matter and Your Happiness Always Come FIRST!